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Where To Go in Taiwan: Bitou Cape

Bitou Cape is by far one of the most beautiful places I have visited out of the 21 countries I have been to at this point of my life in 2020. If you have a free day in Taipei and enjoy the outdoors of hiking and seeing nature then Bitou Cape is for you! This place has stunning views where you can see green and grassy hill landscapes contrasting with the glassy blue waters of the ocean. There’s also a town located at the cape that has a small harbor and even a 711.

where to go in taiwan

The views at Bitou Cape

The pictures below show just a glimpse of the spectacular beauty that Taiwan has to offer. In these pictures you can specifically see the hiking trail at the cape. This trail takes you through the hilly outcrop and above the ocean below. The air was fresh and if you go in the winter like me make sure to wear a jacket as it gets very cold and windy up there.

where to go in Taiwan
where to go in taiwan

Where’s the trail?

The trail above is accessible very close to where the bus drops you off at Bitou. You can walk south down Bitou road and then east to where you will meet this dessert shop and the trail begins. You then should see the trail and within a few minutes will pass an elementary school with stunning views of the ocean.

where to go in taiwan

Other Option

The other option is walk north on Bitou road into the town/harbor. Here you can walk around and see all of the boats and find some food to eat as well. There is a 711 too on the main road very close to the harbor. The trail starts right around this restaurant. Regardless of which trail you take the place is simply breathtaking and by walking the long, windy trail you will make memories you will never forget.

How to get to Bitou Cape from Taipei

I took a train from the Taipei station out to Ruifang station that takes about 45 minutes. Once you are at the Ruifang train station you want to walk east down the street a little bit from where you walked out. Do not wait for the bus to Bitou at the bus station in front of this train station. Walk From Ruifang station to this station and then wait a few minutes for the bus. I took bus #856 to Bitou where it drops you off very close to the beginning of the trail. Ruifang also has some street food snacks which are delicious. I tried a Taiwan burger here.. not bad. The street food stall was pretty close to the train station down one of the streets to the South of the station.

If anything wasn’t clear or you have any questions about Taiwan or other places to see please feel free to leave a comment or email me! My goal is to make you comfortable and confident in your journey for you to maximize your experience in this wonderful place.

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  • Mike , Direct link to comment

    Hi! Thanks for this post! I have a few questions, is the train from Taipei Main Station to Rueifang via HSR or TRA? How often are the trains passing? Also the bus stop 856, where do i go from Rueifang station? How long is t the whole travel? What time is last bus back to Rueifang? 😄 THANKS

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