where to go in taipei

Where To Go in Taipei: Xiangshan Trail

The Xiangshan hiking trail or Elephant Mountain in English is the absolute best place to look at the Taipei skyline. If you are looking for where to go in Taipei, then this place has to top your list. I spent hours here one evening watching day turn to night. The majestic horizon littered with Taipei skyscrapers and trees is a thing of beauty. Evening times are the best time to go and can get a bit crowded.

where to go in taipei

The trail

The Xiangshan trail consists of roughly 550 steps from the bottom of the trail to the viewing point. The trail begins at a popular park called Xiangshan park and can be found by following the signs posted for the trail. Google maps also helped a bit here, but it wasn’t too complicated to find. Xiangshan trail is a little steep at certain points and will tire out those who aren’t in the best of shape(me). Do bring some water with you and dress for the right time of season. It’s a bit chilly in winter time and quite hot in the summer time if you are visiting!

where to go in taipei

The Views from Xiangshan

Here are just a few pictures showing why this place is so magnificent. The trail from just about every section gives you access to amazing angles of Taipei 101 and other skyscrapers. Whether you come in afternoon or evening or even morning you will no doubt get some amazing shots. You don’t even have to go all the way up the 550 steps if you don’t want as the views are good enough from halfway up. Of course, I would highly recommend toughing it out and going to the top for the best views though!

How to get to Xiangshan trail

Xiangshan trail can be accessed after arriving at the Xiangshan MRT station. This station is the final stop for the red line. Exit 2 is the best exit for getting to the park and onwards to the trail. If you are already at Taipei 101 or shopping at the Xinyi plaza then you can just walk East on Xinyi Road to the trail if you are up for it. It’s only 1 MTR stop from Taipei 101. The trail is about a 4 to 5 blocks walk through Xiangshan Park to the trail.

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