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What’s McDonalds like in Thailand?

Mcdonald’s in Thailand

If you are like me than the last restaurant you are thinking about is a restaurant like McDonalds while you are in Thailand. I’m the type of person that likes to try all the local foods and forget about the fatty typical fast food of my home country. Of course though when you stay somewhere for a long period of time you will eventually get a craving for something you used to eat back home. That brings us to this post which looks at what McDonalds is like in Thailand. We will discuss some of the differences between McDonalds in Thailand versus America.

mcdonalds in thailand

McDonalds Menu in Bangkok

A quick look at the menu reveals some really interesting food items. We see the typical Big Mac’s and the cheeseburgers, but let’s look at that bottom left corner. There we can see a Samurai Pork Burger(I apologize for the blurry photo). This burger is definitely something unique to Thailand. The Daily Meal has checked out this burger and has a nice description. I tried it to! I liked the flavor. It was similar to a regular McDonalds cheeseburger in texture, but the taste actually reminded me of a Krystal’s burger. Krystal’s is famous in America for its small bite sized burgers filled with onions, mustard and a small patty.

mcdonalds sumarai pork burger

Not on this menu, but something else unique to Thailand McDonalds is their Hainanese chicken rice(Khao Mun Kai). This is one of my favorite meals in Thailand, but I generally eat it at night market stalls or on the street, not at McDonalds! It’s like if McDonalds in America started selling tacos or spaghetti. Some McDonalds in Thailand also serve holy-basil chicken stir fry (Pad Kaprao). To check out other unique items from their menu, check it out here: McDonalds menu in Thailand.

mcdonalds in bangkok thailand

Key differences between McDonalds in Thailand vs USA

It came as a shock for me that McDonalds actually gave us a plate to eat our food on in Bangkok. This is something I can only dream about back in America. To add to that point I don’t even desire to eat in any McDonalds back in America. I don’t have the statistics on the cleanliness of McDonalds dining rooms across America, but I’d bet my yearly wages that at least half of them nobody would want to eat inside of.

McDonalds in Thailand is something of a slight luxurious experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like you are eating at a fancy sit down restaurant, but the reality is certainly one of cleanliness where you actually feel like you want to sit down for your meal. Back in America we generally treat McDonalds and similar fast food restaurants as places for drive thrus with dirty dining rooms we don’t want to sit in.

mcdonalds dining bangkok

How’s the taste? Service?

I’ve tried cheeseburgers as well as big macs and even the
Hainanese chicken rice(khao mun kai) while in Thailand. The cheese burgers and big macs taste basically the exact same as America. The only difference I’ve noticed is the presentation. The presentation of the burger is always a bit more well put together in Thailand which goes along with the customer service too.

The workers at McDonalds similarly to other fast food restaurants in Thailand treat their job with respect. They keep their uniforms tidy and seem to respect their job positions. From the person manning the fryer to the person manning the cash register they come off as professional and respectful to me.

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