what to eat in taipei

What To Eat in Taipei?

Some of the tastiest foods I have ever tried were when I was travelling in Taiwan. More specifically, Taipei and the surrounding areas like Ruifang, Taipei New Town as well as Keelung. The pictures don’t do the food near enough justice as they are extremely tasty. Each night that I was in Taipei for the week that I was there, I visited a different night market. Each of these night markets were delicious and unique in their own right and are worth a visit. This begs the question of just what to eat in taipei?

Pan-fried pork buns in Taipei

One of my favorite foods to eat in Taipei is the local Sheng Jian Bao or in English “Pan-fried pork buns”. The Sheng Jian Bao brought me back to my days of living on the Chinese mainland and reminded me of the first time I ever tried them. They are simply delicious due to their hard bottoms and soft tops with a wet and soupy inside of meat and vegetables. 10/10 from any night market in Taipei!

Smelly tofu from a Taipei night market

The Taiwanese smelly tofu is different from the mainland China tofu. Here in Taiwan the tofu is yellow in flavor and comes with some sweet garnished to top it off. In the mainland the tofu is black and usually very spicy! This Taiwanese version though is unique and delicious and a bit more forgiving and acceptable for most western foreigners and definitely worth a try. Don’t let the smell fool you! This simple dish is delicious and can be found at every night market in Taipei like Ningxia or Raohe.

Boiled dumplings at a local Taipei restaurant

Let’s get down to business. I love me some good boiled dumplings and while these honestly were not the best that I have had, they were certainly delicious especially due to the cold weather outside. They were a bit doughy and inside contained leek. They filled me up well and were a refreshment in the cold January weather. Restaurant name: 八方雲集 and here is the location: 八方雲集 Restaurant Ximending, Taipei

taipei taiwan dumplings
Boiled dumplings in Ximending, Taipei(八方雲集 restaurant)

Flour noodle in Ximending, Taipei

One of the most famous restaurants in the tourist popular hotspot is the Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle shop. Here at this shop they serve a unique rice flour noodle. There was a very long line when we went and they have over 11,000 reviews on google maps with over a 4 star rating. Overall the noodles are quite thin and the meat is a little chewy, but you can add spice or vinegar to add to the gooey soup.

what to eat in taipei

Bread you must eat in Taipei!

If you are up for another adventure then head to the subway station. Take the red line all the way to the last stop on the northern line to Tamsui district station. From there you can walk by the water and overlook the harbor. In the evening time they have a market that opens up and sells a lot of fried fish snacks. What we are here for though is the delicious boxes of bread that are sold along Zhongzheng Road. It’s a buttery and slightly sweet bread that you will want to stuff your face with(I Know I did).

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