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What to Do & See: San Francisco’s Japantown(UPDATED JAN 2021)

Japan in America?

San Francisco is a city that is mixed with people from every country. On any given day you could hear more than 10 languages being spoken. Whether its people speaking Spanish from Argentina or Swedish from Sweden, I guarantee you will see many foreigners in this city. That brings us to Japan Town. Is it possible that you can feel Japan in America? The answer is a definite yes. Having been to both Japan and America as well as Japan Town in San Francisco, this Japanese neighborhood really does feel like Japan. I strongly suggest if you are visiting San Francisco to check out Japantown as there are plenty of things to do for an afternoon or half-day.

What’s it like compared to Japan

Though Japan Town in San Francisco is not a very big area, you can feel nostalgia about Japan. The main square of Japan Town is very clean with Japanese architectural objects as well as a market. The market has some popular Japanese stores like Daiso for example where you can buy a variety of products or small items. They sell imported items from Japan like car parts, toys, cosmetics as well as snacks. I personally bought some Japanese poki stix snacks myself and they were delicious. Japan Town also has its own Japanese market that sells some unique sea creatures and vegetables as well as flavorings for food. The market was a mini version of a big market in Japan and this made me feel excited to walk around.

Where to shop

The Japan Center Mall is the best place to find your Japanese toys and snacks. They have a stationery store too where you can find Japanese style paper and pens and other accessories. This mall also has a store where you can buy Japanese products to use on or in your car. You can find things like seat covers, steering wheel covers, air fresheners as well as Japanese license plates to put on your own car or to hang on your wall at home. For more information on the stores to visit check out the SfJapanTown website.

What to eat?

There are plenty of restaurants in this area ranging from sushi to ramen to even some Korean if that’s what you would like to eat. I recommend the Marufuku Ramen restaurant for some delicious ramen and other Japanese snacks. You can view the menu here if you would like. Snacks range in price from 4 to 8USD. They also serve some Japanese beer as well as sake. If you would like to eat some sushi then I recommend the Akira Japanese restaurant in Japan Town. You can view their menu here.

Ramen in SF Japantown

How to get There has a wonderful write up for how to get here from a variety of different places. That write up can be viewed here at this link.

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