what to do in trang thailand

What To Do In Trang Thailand

If you have been wondering of what cities to travel to in Thailand that are a little bit off the beaten path and less ‘mainstream’ then Trang is the place for you. While Trang is not as famous as neighboring Krabi or Phuket it most certainly can hold its own. After all are Phuket or Krabi known for an amazingly delicious unique style of Pork? This post will lay out of everything for you so that you to can know what to do in Trang.

Where is Trang in Thailand?

From the map you can see that Trang is in the Southern portion of Thailand very close to Malaysia. It’s about a 2 hour drive to the famous coastal town of Krabi where you can hang out at Ao Nang beach or Railay beach. Hat Yai is also about a 2 hours drive away from Trang to give a better idea.

What To See In Trang

One of the first beaches in Thailand that I visited was Pak Meng beach in Trang seen below. It has beautiful views of the clear blue water and surrounding rocky outcrops that line the horizon. Locals love to come to this beach and relax with a picnic. Pak Meng beach is a 40 minute drive outside of the city of Trang and to get there you will need to take a taxi or have access to a car or motorcycle. I am not aware of any bus or other way of getting there.

what to do in trang thailand
Pak Meng beach in Trang

The Kantang train station is a cool old Thai train station located 30 minutes by car or 57 minutes by train to the south of Trang city. This station is still in Trang province and has a little museum inside showing a series of old scales that were used in the early 1900’s. This place was a pleasant surprise for me as a fun thing to see for an hour or two. There’s a new coffee shop as of 2020 located right in front of the station as well. I’d recommend this place if you are looking to leave Trang city for an afternoon and see what life is like a little further South. You can access the train schedule here.

what to do in trang thailand
Kantang Train Station in Trang Province Thailand

What To Eat In Trang

While most of the actual sites to see are about 30 minutes outside of the city, the tastiest food is most certainly within the city limits. Trang is known for both Trang pork and also for dim sum believe it or not. There are many delicious dim sum restaurant in and around Trang serving up some tasty snacks. The picture below is from the Pong O Cha 2 restaurant in Trang. It was delicious to say the least.

what to do in trang thailand
Pong O Cha 2 in Trang

The below picture is from an absolutely delicious street food vendor. They served me up some yellow egg noodles with greens and pork. It was 10/10. The roti is from a roti vendor across the street. This street food vendor is located across the street from this 711 convenience store.

Last But Not Least: 1st Rubber Tree in Thailand

Last but not least to conclude what to do and see around Trang is this magnificent surprise. It’s the first rubber tree in Thailand. Thailand is known as a rubber exporter and one of the world’s top if not the top exporter of rubber. This tree is claimed to be the first of that industry and is located very close to the Kantang train station we saw earlier.

If you happen to be travelling to other parts of Thailand then consider learning about what to do in Phuket and what to do in Krabi!

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