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What To Do In Phuket

Before we get into what to do in Phuket, we must understand that it is an island that has the main city which is called Phuket City as well as numerous resorts, beaches and even hilly areas. A person could easily spend 3 or 4 days in a number of areas around Phuket Island ranging from near the airport in the North which has some beautiful beaches to spending a few days in Phuket city to check out the Sunday market. Then there is also the famous Patong beach where many tourists spend 4 to 5 days at.

Riding around Phuket: My Favorite thing to do

For me though, my favorite thing to do in Phuket is to rent a motorcycle for a few days and just ride around the Island. I rented a motorcycle in Patong and rode along highway 4030 passing Karon Beach, Kata Beach and onwards to the Karon viewpoint. Just after this picture it monsooned, but beforehand the oncoming rains made this picture even more beautiful!

After waiting out the monsoon I made my way further South along highway 4030 passing small elephant habitats and little coffee shops nestled on the side of the road.

Promthep Cape

The next destination was Promthep Cape, which was about a 15 to 20 minute motorcycle ride from the Karon viewpoint. The Promthep Cape is on the very Southwestern tip of Phuket Island and was definitely worth the ride to reach. After only being at the cape for about 10 minutes it monsooned again! I had to wait out the monsoon under a canopy for over an hour, but afterwards the views were simply amazing…

From there we rode on Highway 4030 passing Ra Wai beach which is popular with Europeans and Australians and has a lot of recently built restaurants and shops and also many boats that can take you to surrounding islands. The road then took a turn to the North and became highway 4024 and after about a 10 minute motorcycle road we arrived in Patak Villa which has the market village Phuket if you are in the mood for KFC or other western foods.

Phuket or Krabi?

If you were thinking of heading over to Krabi, check out these links!

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