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What To Do In Krabi, Thailand

I highly suggest staying in a hotel near Ao Nang Beach. This is due to the fact that many of the tours and boat tickets can be bought on the main streets around Ao Nang Beach. I personally stayed at the Monotel Hotel due to it being new and the staff being extremely friendly. Rooms are under 20USD a night. There are also a lot of food options and bars in the area. Ao Nang Beach is nice to relax in the evening times and look out over the water and see the bright colors of all the fishing boats. The city of Krabi itself is not recommended just due to the fact that there isn’t as much to do in the small city of Krabi compared to the beach areas.

Boat Tours in Krabi

From Ao Nang Beach you can take a boat tour to the famous Railay Beach that features rock climbing and stunning views of the water. Tours usually let you roam around Railay for about 45 minutes to an hour which is just enough time to lay out on the beach or an iced coffee at one of the coffee shops near the beach.

After your tour to Railay Beach is over and you are back in Ao Nang Beach, I highly recommend checking out the street food carts in front of the Masjid Aonang Al-manuawarah Mosque. Here they serve some very affordable(50 or so baht) kebabs, roti, burgers and Thai food as well. They open in the afternoon and stay open until the late evening.

If you decide to stay in Krabi for a few days then you should definitely rent a motorcycle. With the motorcyle you can ride to a few other local parks and see how the local people really live by just going a few minutes outside of Ao Nang beach on any of the roads. I suggest exploring to the North and Northwest of Ao nang towards ‘moo 5’ and around the Masjid Al Aman Mosque to get a more local vibe. From there I recommend riding out to the West where the road meets with 6024. Do be careful though if you decide to ride on 6024 as this is a 4 lane highway with some crazy local drivers that won’t hesitate to use any lanes to pass slower drivers.

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