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Tasty American Fast Food In Thailand: Texas Chicken[Updated: January 2021]

What is Texas Chicken?

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Texas Chicken is a fast food restaurant serving up fried chicken, tasty wraps, biscuits and side dishes. Founded in 1952 in San Antonio, Texas this restaurant is known as ‘Church’s Chicken’ in the United States. It has over 1,000 restaurant branches worldwide that can be found North America, South America, Asia, The Caribbean, and Europe. Texas Chicken can be found all throughout Thailand with over 70 locations in the Kingdom. Texas Chicken in Thailand is worth a try even if you love KFC!

My Go To Fast Food Restaurant in Thailand

Ever since I first laid hands on the deliciousness of Texas Chicken it has become my go to fast food restaurant while living in Thailand. They serve delicious fried chicken tenders that are doused in a spicy flavoring. They also have a few different wraps to choose from as well as french fries. Texas Chicken also sells a heavenly tasting honey butter biscuit. This biscuit literally might be too die for!

texas chicken biscuits
The heavenly biscuits from Texas Chicken!

My favorite meal at Texas Chicken: Texas Wrap

If you have ever had the pleasure of tasting the twister’s that KFC had then you are in for a treat with this delicious wrap. The wraps come with delicious tender fried chicken strips wrapped in a toasted tortilla shell. The topping include lettuce, tomatoes, onions and then your choice of sauce depending on which wrap you choose. Texas Chicken as of December 2020′ has the Tender Wrap, the Mexicana Wrap and the Texas Wrap. The image below is the Texas Wrap which comes with a spicy and zesty sauce. My personal favorite though is the more plain looking Tender Wrap. This is the basic wrap that reminds me of the twister from KFC. It’s got the same toppings as the other wraps, but comes with the delicious creamy mayo sauce. This is a wrap that my mouth waters for… I wish the USA had it.

Image Courtesy of Texas Chicken Restaurant

Check Out Their Website!

If you would like to see an interactive map of their International locations then check out their homepage at texaschicken.com. You can check out their menu over at foodpanda as well.

This post is purely an opinion of the food enthusiast author and is in no way affiliated with Texas Chicken.

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