Teléferico de Quito

Teléferico de Quito: My Favorite Place in Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador is generally not at the top of many peoples lists to travel to for a trip to South America. When many people think of South America, they think of beautiful beaches in Brazil or Patagonia in Chile and Argentina and of course Machu Picchu in Peru. This is truly disheartening as Ecuador is a more than capable travel destination for many reasons. The food is delicious, the people are friendly and the natural scenery is legitimately breathtaking. That natural scenery is on display at the Teléferico de Quito and is a must see in your lifetime! Not to mention the weather is also a comfortable 68F for basically the entire year.

quito ecuador urban views

Quito, Ecuador

Quito is located 2,800 meters(9,300ft) above sea level and the city itself is surround by even higher peaks. This means that Quito is an extremely high altitude city and even more unique being that it’s in a valley. This alone I think makes it worth a visit if you are up for an adventure. And once you see the pictures from my favorite place in Quito, I think you will agree with me!

Best place in Quito: Teléferico de Quito

The Teléferico de Quito is my favorite place in all of Quito and for that matter all of Ecuador to visit! This is due to the simply breathtaking views that look like a painting from God himself. First off, you need to buy a ticket for the gondola at the base of the mountain. Their website has all of the updated ticket prices and as of October, 2020 the cost for an adult is $8.50USD. It’s best to check their website for the hours as well.

View at the Summit

The summit provides some amazing views and on the day that I went we were literally walking in the clouds. There’s some beautiful art too on the gondola house/cafe. There is a trail at the summit that you can walk around on that will allow you to view the lush green hills and even higher peaks around. Of course you will also see the amazing urban valley sprawl of Quito!

More views & tea!

If you happen to be at the summit and it’s sleeting, do not panic! We unexpectedly ran into a random sleet storm at the summit that forced us to run for cover and eventually back to the gondola house/cafe. The weather does change up there quite often so make sure to dress warmly! You can then relax and have some coca tea to relieve any altitude sickness you may have. It’s best to try and leisurely walk when at the summit as it is in Quito itself due to the high elevation. I would get easily winded even just walking the streets of Quito due to the altitude so keep that in mind.

Map of Teléferico de Quito

The best way to travel to this place is to take a taxi. The posts on this trip advisor post also lay out the taxi situation to and from Teleferico. I have a friend in Quito and was able to ride to and from with them. I have taken taxis in Ecuador before though in the city of Quito and also around the airport and never had a bad experience. I actually became friends with one taxi driver and he gave me his card. Taxi’s compared to western countries are also quite cheap here.

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