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Taipei Songshan Airport: Best Spotting Location(UPDATED)

Spotting in Taipei

As an aviation geek and amateur aviation photographer, Songshan Airport in Taipei, Taiwan was always on my list to visit. This is due to the incredible pictures that I found on Instagram of fellow AV geeks. These picture takers showed incredible angles of airplanes in contrast with the Taipei skyscrapers. Not only did they show this contrast, but also had extremely close proximity to the airplanes themselves. I was influenced by the Instagram account Jal_Kana to take my own photos at this spot. Let’s take a look at Taipei Songshan Airport spotting in full.

taipei songshan airport

You can see just how close you can get to the runway at this spotting location. The spot is called “飛機巷” and at all points of the day has a few people there taking photos or enjoying the jet blast! I spent a few hours here on a cold day in January 2020 and even had the joy of an Air China A330 landing about 100 feet over my head. It was awesome to say the least and completed my trip to Taiwan and left thoughts in my head to return.

Platform for taking pictures at Taipei Songshan Airport

There is a platform that elevates the spotters a few feet above the not very busy street below. The street below is used to cut through from one highway to another. There was little to no traffic though and I probably saw just as many people walking on that street as cars or motorcycles driving on it.

taipei songshan airport

Here below is a view from the little platform itself behind that metal fence. The fence on the right side gets a bit higher compared to the left. Regardless though, it’s an incredible spot to feel the jet blast and get some photos. The bigger jets like the 737s and A330s are strong enough to blow people back a bit in this spot, so do be careful. This little ATR72 though won’t scare you at all and you can watch the rudder inputs all the way down the runway. Pretty cool!

Eva Air ATR72 ready for takeoff

My favorite spot to take photos

Below is a map of the ‘飛機巷’ spotting location at Taipei Songshan Airport. This particular spot is located on the west side of the airport lined up with runway 10/28. Runway 10/28 is 8,547 feet long(2,605 meters) and is generally used for smaller aircraft, but the occasional widebody(A330) does land and take off here.

How to Get to This Spot

This website called moovit has an ample amount of information to tell you which bus to take. For me though, I used google maps and took bus #643 to the Taipei fish market/Binjiang market stop. It drops you off very close to the little street you will need to walk up to reach the spot. The street you want to walk up is called Lane 180 Binjiang street. You will pass the Taipei Shende Temple and within a minute or so will be at the spotting location.

I hope you have an amazing time spotting here! I know I did! You can get creative with your photos and see what the other spotters are doing to get a good idea. There are a few other spotting locations at this airport, but this was the first and only one I visited. If you have any questions about Taipei or airplane spotting feel free to contact me. Also, consider learning about some other beautiful places to visit in Taiwan. Xiangshan trail is an awesome spot to catch a view of greater Taipei and the skyline. Have a great day!

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