Portland, Oregon: A Gaze at a Food Truck Paradise

Portland: A food truck paradise

One thing that makes the city of Portland unique in the USA is its wide variety of food trucks. A food truck is a large-sized truck that serves as a kitchen and food service serving up tasty foods. They generally have their own areas that they set up at and therefore they serve that local community and can refer to these as ‘food truck pods’. These pods usually have between 5 and 10 food trucks with a variety of food options to choose from. Lets dive in and take a gander at some of the best Portland food truck pods.

thai food cart portland

What kind of food do they serve?

They serve up a lot of foods from many different places. They have korean bbq food trucks that serve up a delicious korean bbq lunch box. These lunch boxes serve up your choice of meat or tofu along with side dishes and salads. They also have Thai food trucks where you can eat pad thai, pad see ew, and some other delicious thai foods that we all love. In addition to this you can find pizza, burgers, kebab sandwiches and also Indian food trucks.

kim jong grillin
kim jong grillin

5 Delicious Portland Food Truck Pods

  1. Hawthorne Asylum
  2. Cartopia
  3. Rose City
  4. Cartlandia
  5. 5th avenue food cart pod

These are my top 5 food truck parks to dine and drink at. Each of them have their own vibes and character and of course wonderful tasty food! Definitely check out any or all of these while in Portland.

Other delicious individual food trucks

These food trucks are located by themselves away from the more busy food truck squares. If you’re craving some thai food, check out Long Da Thai Food Cart or if you are craving some delicious Korean food go to Kim Jong Grillin or Number 1 Bento. Birrieria La Plaza has deliciouis Mexican food and MF Tasty Food Truck is known for unbelievable sandwiches.

  1. Kim Jong Grillin
  2. Long do Thai Food Cart
  3. Number 1 Bento
  4. Birrieria La Plaza – Birria de Res
  5. MF Tasty Food Truck
Rose City Food Truck Pod

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