patong beach covid-19

Phuket During Covid-19

I probably couldn’t have picked a worse time to visit Phuket if I wanted to see droves of foreigners from all over the world. What I got instead was akin to a ghost town. Tons of shops shuttered, few options for eating and an extremely well visited mall being largely deserted. If you have been to Phuket before than I’m sure your experience was very different from mine. Let’s look at a few pictures of how Phuket has been during Covid-19. These pictures were all taken from late July 2020 and into August 2020.

patong beach covid-19

Patong Beach: A Ghost Town

Staying in Patong was challenging due to so many businesses being closed, restaurants being closed and just the fact of barely seeing any other people. The hotel I stayed out clearly hadn’t changed the blankets or sheets on my bed in months. Why do I say that? The bed was made just fine and the room was clean, but it was very musty. I’m not sure anyone had even set foot in there in over 3 months. It wouldn’t surprise me. I guess for the sake of history I will look back at that with interest, but at the time it was all disappointing. I was even staying in Patong on a weekend. Needless to say it didn’t feel like much of an exciting time in Patong, which illustrates just how much covid-19 has changed Phuket and the world.

Check out Bangla Walking Street below. This picture was taken in the late afternoon on a Friday in late July of 2020.

mangla walking street covid-19
jungceylon covid-19

Deserted Beaches

Even though the weather in this picture clearly shows that it isn’t the best day to visit the beach. You would still expect to see some vacation goers at least checking it out. However, during my 30 minutes or so of checking out this beach(Karon Beach), I only saw 2 other people. They were 2 westerners walking up the beach going out for some exercise. I wish I had a photo from a normal day before covid of this beach as I’m sure its much different. After all, Phuket and all of its beaches are heavily travelled to throughout the year.

karon beach covid-19

Any Positives To Take?

There were definitely some positives to take away from the experience for me personally. Though it was challenging to find food to eat, at least I didn’t have to worry about traffic or hordes of people at the tourist spots. When I visited the roads on the southern part of Thailand I had no worries about traffic or a motorcycle accident since there was barely any people! That was definitely a good thing as more traffic and motorcycles means a better chance of an accident.

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