Beautiful Waterfall in Alabama: Noccalula Falls

Noccalula Falls

If you happen to be in the Southeastern United States or near Northern Alabama, then checking out this under the radar, yet absolutely gorgeous park is a must! Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, Alabama is a beautiful park located in Northeastern Alabama just outside the city of Gadsden. It features a waterfall gushing its flowing water off a rocky outcrop. It is roughly about a 2 hour drive from the Atlanta area and about an hour outside of Birmingham. Regardless of where you might be located, I would highly recommend checking this out as it provides some wonderful pictures of the scenery and peaceful sounds from the water.

Noccalula falls in Gadsden, Alabama

Legend Has it that Noccalula Falls…

Legend has it that these falls are named after a story about a girl named Noccalula. The story reveals that she was a young Native American woman who was supposed to get married to someone her father set her up with. Noccalula didn’t wish to be married to this man though as she was in love with someone else. Her father refused to comply with her desire and thus the story says that Noccalula jumped from the falls to seal her fate. This story is mythical in nature, but nonetheless is interesting and emotional. It seems fitting that the falls be named after her if the story is true. Regardless though

Gadsden, Alabama Noccalula Falls

The Surrounding Scenery

The surrounding area of the Falls also have some other interesting and beautiful things to see and do. There is a campground, mini golf, petting zoo and more. If you would like to learn more about the things to do around Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, Alabama then check out the Noccalula Falls official website. You can also see an old church as well as numerous walking paths that give you different angles of the falls as well as the forest that surrounds the area. Some restaurants are also pretty close by and can be walked to from the falls as well.

Parking & Admission

There are a couple of different large parking lots that offer plenty of room for parking your car or larger vehicle. Admission to the park will depend on what part of the season that you go. Checking out their website here will be beneficial. Some different rooms exist at the park too that can be rented for parties and events. All in all they have quite a few things to do here. When I visited though, it was in the winter-time. All I did was take a look at the falls for around an hour and then returned back to Georgia.

Closing Thoughts

I enjoy this park and its awesome scenery. The falls are some of the most beautiful in the Southern United States and are about a 2-hour drive from Atlanta. It makes for a perfect day trip to drive up to the falls and through some of the small Georgia and Alabama towns that are along the way. Going on a day with good weather is also something to consider. You will most likely want to spend a little bit of time taking in the scenery. Maybe checking out some of the walking trails and paths that they have at the park also. For even more posts about different spots around the USA and world to visit, check out some of my other posts.

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