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My Favorite Restaurant in Quito, Ecuador

You should visit Quito

Quito, Ecuador is one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s the first foreign city that I ever visited back in my teens. It’s a wonderful city for views, nature and food. If you are like me than I am sure you will be looking for a restaurant serving up some good food with incredible views. Being able to look out at natural beauty or an inspiring skyline is something that I truly enjoy while traveling. In this post we will discuss about a restaurant that a local from Quito took me to. I’m forever grateful that they did as this place left me with such a good feeling about Quito. I went to quite a few restaurants in and around Quito, but this one for sure to me is the best restaurant in Quito.

Best restaurant in Quito, Ecuador

The restaurant that I am referring to is called Pim’s. The reason it is the best restaurant in Quito is due to its incredible views over sprawling Quito. Another reason of course is the delicious local food that they serve. Just take a look at this photo taken with my terrible camera. If the view looks this good with my camera, imagine how good it is in real life! You can take a look at some other photos here as well: https://www.restaurantepims.com/

best restaurant quito ecuador

What’s on the menu?

On the evening that I dined at Pim’s, my friend from Quito suggested that we order a platter of some Ecuadorian food. We ordered the Tabla Ecuatorianisima which consisted of grilled shrimp, llapingachos(Ecuadorian potato pancake), beef empenadas, patacones(fried plantains), and an assortment of guacamole with onions and tomato salsa. The food was delicious with the fried plantains and Ecuadorian potato pancake being my favorite. We also got some club Ecuadorian beer, which wasn’t bad, certainly worth a try. You can look at their menu here too if you want to see all of the other interesting eats that they have.

pims restaurant quito
Pim’s restaurant delicacies

Where is it?

Pim’s is located in Panecillo district very close to the Virgen Del Pancecillo. This is the famous statue of the angel on the hill. Tripadvisor has some advice on how to get to the restaurant as well as the famous angel monument very close by.

This post is in no way affiliated with this restaurant and is just my own opinion and view.

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