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Must Eat Restaurants in Chicago: Top 5

The Delicious Food of Chicago

Chicago is without a doubt one of the best food places in all of America. With a unique style of pizza as well as a gigantic influence from earlier European immigrants, you will not go hungry in Chicago. In this post we will look at the 5 must eat restaurants in Chicago.

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Everytime I go to Chicago Portillo’s is a restaurant that I simply cannot avoid and must eat at. Founded in 1963 by a returned American military man this restaurant was founded in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois in Villa Park. Today the restaurant has many locations and has expanded to a few other states like California, Florida and Arizona.

Whenever I eat at Portillos, I always order an Italian Beef Sandwich with peppers. The sandwich is drenched in delicious juices that make the bread a bit soggy, but take the sandwich to new levels! With the sandwich I order their delicious fries and get a coke zero to go along with it. Other delicious items include the Chopped Salad, Polish Hot Dog and their delicious milk shakes. You can view their menu here and cannot go wrong with any of the items on it!

portillos italian beef sandwich


Giordanos pizza is a Chicago staple. Founded in 1974 this restaurant has many locations around Chicago and has networked out to many surrounding states as well as few others like Florida. Similar to Portillos, Giordanos is another restaurant that I have to go to while in Chicago. Everything on the menu is great, but no matter what you must order a deep dish pizza. Chicago is known for its unique style of pizza called ‘deep dish’. In the photo below you can see how deep and tall that the pizza is! A true pizza pie! Yum!

You can view their menu here and make sure to choose your favorite toppings and enjoy that deep dish pizza! You certainly won’t forget this experience and will be begging to return to Chicago in the future for more!

chicago deep dish pizza


Culver’s was started in 1984 in the state directly north of Chicago: Wisconsin. In 1995 the restaurant moved into the Chicago market and has been serving up delicious burgers ever since. While this restaurant is generally used as a drive thru you can also eat inside. I must say that for a drive thru burger joint, this place serves up better burgers and for a cheaper price than most sit down expensive burger restaurants.

What makes the Culver’s burger unique is that it is in fact a butter burger. A butter burger means that the buns, meat and the onions are all cooked in butter. I love the burger patties at this place! I hope you will too. Here is the menu if you would like to take a look. Other things that are delicious here include their fries and milk shakes!

Al’s #1 Italian Beef

Al’s #1 Italian Beef has been in Chicago since 1938! They have been serving up delicious italien beef sandwiches for over 80 years. For that alone it must be delicious! They have 9 locations that are around the Chicago area. Be sure to order the Italian Beef. Do not even consider anything else! You can view their about page here. Enjoy!

Lou Malnati’s Pizza

Lou Malnati’s also has been around for a long time. The first restaurant was opened in 1971 and today Lou’s has 57 locations around Chicago. That means that they have been serving delicious pizza to Chicagoans for 5 decades! That is quite impressive… Here you can view the menu for one of the downtown Chicago locations. I highly recommend ordering any of the deep dish pizzas. Lou Malnati’s is a strong competitor of Giordano’s.

Portillos Hot Dog & Fries

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