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Mon Jam: Beautiful Lookout Point Over Northern Thailand

What is Mon Jam?

Mon Jam is a picturesque hilltop spot in Chiang Mai province. Its perfect for relaxing and its tranquil vibes looking out over the northern Thailand horizon. Thai people flock to this place throughout the year, especially as the temperature cools up a bit here in the northern hill region. If you have an extra day in Chiang Mai or are looking for another place to visit, you should definitely check out Mon Jam. 

mon jam view


Mon Jam is famous in Thailand for it’s beautiful hillside huts that you can sleep in. The huts come with a bed, private bathroom and a view that is priceless. The huts dotted along the hills look like they are something from a different world, a truly wonderful experience to see. Check out the pictures below of these housing structures. 

mon jam hut


While in Mon Jam, the views from the huts as well as just walking down the street are breathtaking. you’ll be able to see distant hilltops and the beautiful farming groves that line the sides of the hills. You can pay a small fee of 20baht and ride a swing out over the side of a hill. There’s also some strawberry fields that are ideal for photo taking. 

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Mon Jam itself is apart of a Hmong community. This means that it’s this tribes area and they dress and eat a little bit differently than the traditional Thais. You can try a bean pancake wrapped in a banana leaf in Mon Jam and you can also find the other northern Thai delicacies like khao soi in the food bazaar area. There are plenty of coffee shops around too. Just pick the one that looks best to you!


Take HWY 107 out of Chiang Mai to the North. When the road meets a junction with Route 1096 you will want to turn left(West) to head towards Mon Jam. You can rent a motorcycle or a song thaew to get there. Along the way you will pass the beautiful Mae Sa waterfall. You will also pass my favorite coffee shop in the Chiang Mai area that has an awesome view. You can read about that coffee shop here. After 20 minutes or so along Route 1096 you will reach a small town with a place called ‘greeniethai’. At ‘greeniethai’ you will want to turn onto route 4051 heading North.

Keep meandering your way along route 4051 until you see the iconic hills laced with sleeping huts. You are now at Mon Jam!

Bonus Activity

You can also check out this old wooden go-kart type activity that they offer at Mon Jam. We saw a few people racing these rickety old wooden contraptions down a hill. Be careful if you try it out!

mon cham games

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