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Lake Heaven Resort: Awesome Place in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Lake Heaven Resort & Park in Kanchanaburi, Thailand is a great place to relax and play in the water. With a variety of exciting and aquatic activities to partake in this is definitely a wonderful place to visit. The views of the surrounding hills and sunsets over the lake are postcard-worthy. I can’t forget the food served either as I found myself stuffing my face every chance I got. If you’re planning to spend some time out in Kanchanaburi and are looking for a place to spend a day or two then definitely consider this spot.

lake heaven kanchanaburi

Sleeping On The Lake

These huts were a comfortable sleep at night and come with a comfortable bed, TV as well as a private bathroom and shower. You also get your own little deck area where you will either have a view of the equipment/lake or a view of the surround hills/lake. The deck has chairs too where you can relax. At night the hut does wade back and forth a bit due to being on the lake. The views at the Lake Heaven Resort should resemble these below as long as the night is somewhat clear. The sunsets were truly breathtaking making for some beautiful color distorted photos.

Playing On The Water Playground

The resort has quite a few climbing areas leading to a slide where you can splash into the lake. There’s also a slide where you can plunge 70 feet or so into the water. Do be careful though if you decide to go down the slide. There are 2 lanes to slide down and sometimes after the 1st person lands in the water the 2nd nearly lands on top of them. Life jackets are provided here for everyone getting into the water. Though the park doesn’t look like it would wear you out, after playing for even an hour you do get tired. This is from the climbing to the top of the inflatable platforms and from swimming around. All in all its a lot of fun! Not just for kids either as many adults were in the water and playing on the equipment too.

lake heaven thailand playground

Lake Heaven Resort Food

I thought the food at this resort was delicious. For dinner we ate a deep fried fish that was flavorful and tender. We would also get some other traditional Thai foods like some crab and vegetables as well as some other delicious items. I would rate the food overall a 9/10 as it did not disappoint.

lake heaven resort food

Where Is It? How To Get There?

Lake Heaven Resort is located in Kanchanaburi, Thailand on the Southern portion of Lake Sinakharin. The best way to get there is to rent a car as its quite a ways away from any big towns. The roads can be narrow and windy to get there so always pay attention to the cars around you. Roads in Thailand are not known to be the safest. Im not aware of any public transportation to get to this place. You can view their website here: Lake Heaven Resort.

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