Bonchon Thailand

Korean Food in Thailand: Bonchon

Bonchon Thailand

If you happen to be looking for a delicious spot in Bangkok to get some Korean food then look no further than Bonchon Thailand. Bonchon is a delicious Korean restaurant located throughout Thailand. They have over 30 locations in Bangkok and can also be found at both Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports. The picture below shows some delicious Bonchon wings and rice. They were also having a Korean nacho special during that time period. Bonchon is a place that I enjoyed going to while living in Thailand. As much as I love eating Thai street food, it felt like a nice break from that.

bonchon thailand wings
tteokbokki bonchon bangkok

Menu & Environment

The menu can be accessed here. They feature such dishes as takoyaki, potstickers, sliders, pork buns, and Korean tacos as appetizers. For main dishes, they serve bulgogi, japchae, tteokbokki, wraps, fried rice, and bibimbap. They also have fries, kimchi, coleslaw, radishes, and salads for sides. The eating environment in the restaurant is very good. The restaurant is clean and is generally a place where business people go to eat. The service is also good.

Other International Restaurants in Thailand

If you are looking to learn about other International restaurants in Thailand and how they are then consider learning about Taco Bell in Thailand and Texas Chicken. Mcdonald’s is also in Thailand and has a pretty delicious menu and clean eating atmosphere. You can read about McDonald’s in Thailand too. Bangkok is full of delicious international food if you are not so much into Thai street food. However, I do recommend trying as much street food as possible if you think you can handle it. This is one of my favorite parts about traveling around the world especially in Asia. While they have delicious international food the local food is always the best to try.

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