chinese food marietta ga

Chinese Food Marietta, GA

Chinese Food Marietta, GA

If you are looking for delicious Chinese food in Marietta, GA then look no further than Tasty China. This is hands down one of the most delicious restaurants in the entire Atlanta metro area. It contains some of the most authentic Chinese food flavors that are possible to find throughout Atlanta too. This restaurant specializes in spicy food that originates in both the Sichuan and Hunan provinces. Both of those provinces are known for their spicy food with Sichuan specializing in a spicy-numbing flavor. There are numerous items on the menu that are worth checking out.

Delicious Chinese Food

Chinese food can be found in numerous locations and plazas but if you are looking for something authentic then that is few and far between. I’ve tried many Chinese restaurants around Atlanta ranging from restaurants that serve American-style Chinese food to places boasting that they are authentic. There are only a handful of places that I would consider truly authentic and many of my Chinese friends would back me up on that. Tasty China is a restaurant that retains its authenticity by having a giant menu specializing in Sichuan and Hunan foods. The spices they use are true to their origins and if you know what you are ordering then you are sure to have a tasty and authentic meal. At one point back in time during the first half of the 2010’s I was coming to this restaurant twice a week while in University.

Mouth Watering Flavors

The menu of Tasty China is robust and overwhelming, to say the least. There are so many worthy dishes of choosing to eat. You can view the menu here. One of my favorite things to order here is the twice-cooked pork. This has always been my favorite Chinese dish. The picture below on the left is that dish. Another absolutely delicious dish is the dan dan noodles. These noodles are spicy and a bit oily that comes with minced beef and peanuts with green onions. These have been 2 of my go-to dishes ever since I started coming to the restaurant. Pretty much anything on the many will be good. Just make sure not to order their small selection of American-style Chinese food. While it’s still tasty it doesn’t provide the true flavors and spices that are authentic to Chinese cuisine. Other things to order include Fried Green Beans, Cumin Lamb, Braised Fish, and more.


Tasty China is located at exit 263 off of Interstate 75 on South Marietta Parkway. The parking lot is large with plenty of parking and the complex also has a few other International spots for groceries and pastries. If you are looking for delicious Thai food in Chamblee, GA, or the best Korean food in Duluth, GA then we have you covered also here at the Windowseatnomad.

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