Nan bread and soup at Yunnan Friday Morning Market

Chiang Mai: Yunnan Friday Morning Market

Chiang Mai is full of markets all around the metropolitan area of the city. Most of the more famous markets are night markets like the Chiang Mai University night market, Tha Pae walking street market open on Sunday evenings or the Chang Puek market open on the northern side near the northern gate of the city. One of the lesser known, but definitely worthy of a write up is the Yunnan Friday morning market. This market is located about 2 minutes from the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar on the eastern side of Chiang Mai outside of the wall.

Yunnan Morning market Snacks!

What separates this market from other markets is the selection of freshly cooked snacks and variety of organic vegetables on hand being sold. The picture below shows “Kao Buk Bing” which is a grilled cake made up of riceberry and sticky rice put together into a pancake like snack. It’s unique in Northern Thailand and definitely worth a try.

Here below is some freshly boiled dumplings and on the side they provided some vinegar and ginger with chives to add to the flavor. The bowl of noodles was also a good snack to try and consisted of some pork and flour noodles with some crunchy strips on top as a garnish.

Morning coffee at the market!

Thailand is full of coffee shops everywhere, but have you seen a mobile coffee shop on a motorcycle? Probably not! This is my personal first time to see it too… This eccentric fellow also tells us to “Make coffee, not war”. Brilliant words from a creative man..

Last but not least was this delicious soup and bread shop. It provides an assortment of different dipping soups and sauces for the tasty nan bread. I personally chose that big one in the middle on the bottom row. It consisted of chicken and potatoes in a tasty and slightly oily broth.

All in all I really enjoyed the market even though I had to wake up early to get there. It was definitely worth the wake up though to eat some delicious dumplings and nan bread with chicken soup. I highly recommend setting aside a friday morning and checking out this market!


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