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Chiang Mai Coffee With Beautiful View

River Rock Cafe Hill

If you are looking to spend an afternoon or morning drinking some coffee or matcha then I have the place for you! This place is called River Rock Cafe Hill and is located in the hills around Chiang Mai. The views at this place are spectacular and the coffee equals in taste as well. I strongly suggest this Chiang Mai coffee shop if you are on your way to visit Mon Cham.

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Walkway to the Cafe

Walking up to the coffee shop makes you feel like you are on an adventure in itself. There you have a river with a suspension bridge perched over and smooth, beautiful rocks below. The trees make very a wonderful canopy as well to shield from rainy season rainstorms. The bridge was one of my favorite things about this Chiang Mai coffee shop!

river rock cafe hill

Views while you relax

These are just some of the views you get while drinking your coffee or matcha tea. The drinks on hand are espresso, regular coffee, matcha, Thai milk tea and a few others. Drinks come either hot, cold or frappe. The prices for the drinks will run you between 60 and 70 baht. Not bad for such amazing views! You also can even eat some snacks at this place.. Spaghetti, cheese poppers, pizza, pad Thai, wings and even some chocolate desserts!

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The River Rock Cafe Hill is located on the way to Mon Jam on Hwy 1096. It can be accessed by car or motorcycle. The coffee shop itself is located on the side of the road and parking is available. Once you park you can make your way to the shop by following the signs. You will then see the suspension bridge and pathway to the coffee shop which is on a little hill above the river.

Opening Hours

The hours are listed as 9AM to 6PM. They operate 7 days a week.

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