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Where To Go In Seattle

Best Places to See in Seattle

Seattle is a beautiful city mixed with beautiful scenic views of mountains along with the tranquil blue waters of the Puget Sound. This city is truly a masterpiece of beauty and culture and one in which must be visited by any traveler or adventurer. Let’s dive into some of the best places to see in Seattle.

Best Views & Exercise – Gas Works Park

This beautiful park just North of downtown Seattle is actually an old gas light company plant. The park opened in 1975 and still has the old rusted machines scattered around the park. This place is great for a jog or gazing out over Lake Union at passing boats. Views of downtown Seattle are beautiful also on a clear day. Their website is located over at this link if you’d like to learn more or to even book a special ceremony!

After the park, you can consider going to the famous Fremont Troll as well from this location as it’s only a few blocks away in the neighborhood of Fremont. If you do end up going to Fremont, there are many local restaurants and shops as well as a statue of Vladimir Lenin. If that doesn’t interest you, keep on reading as we will look at some more beautiful places!

Fish Market – 1st Starbucks, Gum Wall & Shopping!

This is probably the most iconic tourist spot for people to see in Seattle. It contains the very first Starbucks location along with the famous fish market. You can still see the workers throwing fish around at this fish market, which is pretty cool. Stop by the gum wall as well to get some cool photos. At certain times or days of the week, the market also has many vendors who set up their little stalls to sell their merchandise.

pikes place fish market seattle
seattle gum wall
seattles first starbucks

Chinatown – Great Eats

Every time I visit a city with a large Chinatown I simply have to visit it. While not as big as San Francisco’s Chinatown or New York’s, Seattle’s Chinatown is no slouch. It covers a few blocks and hosts some absolutely delicious restaurants. Some of these restaurants include a couple of hot pot restaurants, ample boba tea spots as well as some small bakeries serving up some delicious pastries. Definitely stop by Chinatown for a few hours. It can be accessed via the train system.

seattle from chinatown
View of Seattle from Chinatown

Kerry Park – Best View of Downtown

Kerry Park is hands down the best spot for a picture of downtown Seattle. It’s a little park with a few benches and green space just outside of the city in the Queen Anne district. It’s perfect in the evening time as the sun starts to go down to take in this view. The spot is good for a stop by on a date too as it’s quite a romantic little park.

Believe it or not, I actually had a 5 hour layover one time in Seattle and took the train to downtown Seattle. I then took a Lyft just to go to this park to get a couple of pictures and relax for a few minutes. After that few minutes was up I ordered up another Lyft and headed back to the airport. If you are like me and love a good view maybe you will do the same!

kerry park view of seattle

Space Needle – You’re already here, why not?

The iconic space needle is worth a visit to the top on a day with clear skies. You can see Mt. Rainier on a clear day, which is really a sight to behold. The 360-degree views from the space needle are also breathtaking! They will have you seeing mountains, waterways, skyscrapers, and the streets below!

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