Best Korean Food in Duluth, Georgia

Delicious Korean Restaurants in the Atlanta Area

I am someone who loves to try different cuisines from different cultures and Korean food is some of my favorite food on the planet. One of the best Korean restaurants that serves up some of the best Korean food is in Duluth, Georgia in the Atlanta area. The restaurant we are going to look at and go into detail is Hwangso Gopchang up in Duluth. Duluth is considered to be the Northeast suburbs of Atlanta and has a lot of ethnic Koreans and other Asians that live there. Over the past decade or so numerous delicious restaurants from Koreans, Chinese, and other Asian peoples have opened up in the area making this area a melting pot of delicious food.

My Favorite Korean Dish: Pork Belly

Korean pork belly is delicious at basically any Korean restaurant you go too. Here at Hwangso Gopchang it’s no different. It’s absolutely delicious and worth every last bite. They have big cuts of pork belly for this dish and top it off with some big green onions as well as regular white/yellow onions. This is my favorite thing to order here at this establishment. If you are looking for what to order from here or another Korean restaurant, you cannot go wrong with ordering pork belly. It’s full of flavor, a little bit spicy and overall just downright dripping in juiciness.

pork belly korean restaurant

Interesting Dish to Consider: Sausage & Veggies

This dish was one I ordered due to the picture on the menu. The picture made this look enticing and delicious with its colorfulness and differently shaped sausages. To say the least it was actually pretty good for the most part. I most enjoyed the onions from this particular dish and also liked all of the sausage except for the one that is cut to look like a squid. My friend who was with me though did try that funny shaped sausage and said it was good. I would recommend this dish for sausage lovers and for people who would like to get a great picture like the one below. Nobody can disagree that this dish looks incredibly interesting.

korean sausage in atlanta

Delicious Side or Appetizer: Kimchi Fried Rice

This was pretty delicious to be completely honest. Its a fried rice made in kimchi flavor served up with some garnishments. Those garnishments are a cheese topping that melts beautifully. It fuses in with the rice creating a delicious melting cheesy and spicy rice. Some chives are laced on the top as well. This order below is actually a double serving so if you want to get your kimchi fried rice looking like this make sure to order 2x orders.

kimchi fried rice duluth

Other Menu Items

There are plenty of other delicious items that this restaurant serves up. They range from meat delicacies like spicy BBQ Gopchang to Spicy stir-fried chicken. They also have plenty of drink options too from alcohols to soft drinks. The special menu can be viewed below as well. It contains some savory items like Korean pancakes, spicy sea snail noodles and the delicious bowl of spicy cold noodles that I have eaten in the past. Regardless of what you choose its bound to be tasty.

Wash it Down with Some Beer or Soju

There are a few delicious imported beers and other alcohols from South Korea that they serve. A couple of these beers include Hite, Cass and Kloud. For the alcohols they have Soju, Makgeoli(rice wine), and even some Korean rasberry-wine called Bokbunja. There are also fountain drinks like coke, diet coke and fanta.

hite beer duluth, georgia

Where is it?

Hwangso Gopchang is located up in Duluth, Georgia in the Northeastern suburbs of Atlanta. You can access it via I-85 coming from North or South at exit 104 – Pleasant Hill Road. If you are coming from other directions then just remember that it’s located off a small connector road connecting Buford Highway and Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, GA. Check the map below to see exactly where to find the best Korean food in Duluth, Georgia.

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