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Best Donuts In Chiang Mai

It may be located in a somewhat strange location, but this little Chiang Mai donuts shop is full of character and flavor. It’s name is Flips&Flips Homemade Donuts and it was born back in 2015. Located in the Santitham district of Chiang Mai, this donut shop caters to the local expat community as well as the local Chiang Mai residents. No matter the day of the week this place is full of hungry donut munchers and coffee drinkers. They open up at 11AM and close when they run out of donuts and pastries. Generally they run out between 1PM and 2PM so be sure to get here around opening time!

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Flips & Flips Homemade Donuts

Delicious Donuts & Coffee

While Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks can be found in Chiang Mai for their coffee and donuts, why stick with those when you can try out a hip local place? Flips&Flips is a trendy little coffee shop that serves up donuts in a few different ways. They serve the traditional glazed donuts as well as little donut bites. You can add chocolate sauce to the donut bites too if you would like. To top off your donuts consider ordering an iced espresso or other coffee drink.

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You can also eat donuts on a stick with your choice of coverings like matcha, peanut butter or chocolate! I found this to be pretty unique and a creative take on some of Thailands famous street food BBQ. These donut bites on a stick remind me a lot of the pork balls on a stick that you can find on the street everywhere throughout Thailand. I think trying the donut stick with a unique flavor covering is worth the visit alone to this shop.

flips&flips donuts chiang mai

Menu & Prices

  • Superglass Donut(glazed) – 25baht
  • Chocolate Almond Donut – 45baht
  • Green Red Bean Donut – 45baht
  • White Chocolate Chips Donut – 45baht
  • Strawberry Jam Donut – 45baht
  • Blueberry Jam Donut – 45baht
  • Coconut Nutella Donut – 45baht
  • Cream Crumble Donut – 45baht
  • Peanut Butter Donut – 45baht
  • Coconut Cream Donut – 45baht
  • Caramel Almond Donut – 45baht

All prices are from November 2020 according their website. For a look at the menu you can click this link: Flips&Flips menu. As for the sticks shown above they will run you between 20-30baht. Coffee is around 50 to 60baht.

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