7 Places You must Visit in Chicago

The 7 Places A Trip to Chicago is for!

Here at The Window Seat Nomad we love to travel all around the world and show some of the best places to visit. Here in this post we will take a look at the best places to visit in Chicago. Chicago is America’s 3rd largest city by metropolitan area with over 9 million people calling it home across 3 different states. Let’s dive into some of the best places to see!

1. Millennium Park

Millennium Park is number one on this list for a reason. It’s for a variety of reasons with one being the incredible view of downtown you get when you are there. In the wintertime you can also ice skate at this park on something called ‘The Ribbon’. It’s a giant ribbon shaped ice road. Be sure to bring warm clothing as Chicago can dip down to -15 Celsius or 0 Fahrenheit and below!

In the summer time you can rock climb, or attend the Taste of Chicago in July. Other things to see here include some beautiful out door art work as well as a large concert venue and playground for kids. There is also of course the very famous ‘Bean’ here. Check out this write up about the giant marble-like bean in Millenium Park. Nearby are also the Art Institute as well and the 2 incredible places for views of the city are also viewable from here.

millennium park view of downtown chicago

2. John Hancock Building: 96th Floor Lounge

At the 96th floor lounge you can sit at tables that line up with windows that give breathtaking views like these in the pictures. You can look north to the coastline with Lake Michigan observing the skyscrapers and coastline. You can also look out West to give a full picture of the suburbs that make Chicago such a gigantic metropolitan area!

The drinks are not too shabby either! With a wide selection of cocktails and mojitos you will not find yourself being thirsty. Simply order one or two drinks and sit for a while and take up the views. This is hands down my favorite place to view the city of Chicago and a place I recommend for everyone! Here is a link to the drink menu. The prices are a bit high, but where else can you get views like this? I certainly think at least one drink is worth it.

3. Willis Tower(formerly Seers Tower)

The Willis Tower or known for decades as the Sears Tower is an incredible place to get an amazing view of Chicago. This building was the tallest in the world from 1973 to 1998 standing at 1,450ft(442m). The spot you will want to visit is called the SkyDeck and this is the spot at the top of the Willis Tower for the best views. Here you will even have photo opportunities atop a glass floor! You will be able to look down directly and see the cars moving as well as people.

You can expect some decently long lines depending on when you go especially if this is during Spring Break(March to early April) or Summer(June to August). Some people have had to wait over 3 hours to get to the top so be sure to try and go in the off season times during the week. The best time to go would be in September or October, but if that’s not possible go at anytime as the wait is worth it for the views!

chicago skyline from seers tower
View from Willis Tower SkyDeck

4. Michigan Avenue(magnificent mile)

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile! This stretch of road lines Chicago’s Michigan Avenue all the way from the DuSable bridge crossing over the Chicago River onwards north to Oak Street. The architecture on this street is exquisite and wonderfully designed. A true architecture enthusiasts delight.

In addition to the streets beauty the shopping for high end items rivals the best shopping districts in the world. Here you can find Saks Fifth Avenue, The Disney Store, Canada Goose, Gucci and Victoria’s Secret. For a full list of stores you can check out this guide.

5. Art Institute of Chicago

Regardless of whether you are interested in art or not, th Art Institute of Chicago is a must see. Not only has it been in countless movies like Ferris Buellers day Off, but it boasts some of the world’s most spectacular art. They are constantly having events and new exhibitions so be sure to keep up with their event schedule!

The Art Institute is within walking distance of Millennium Park as well as the John Hancock building and the Willis Tower. Michigan Avenue is also not far making it possible and a good idea to do all 4 of these things on the same day. If you’re looking for a place to eat then consider one of these fine dining establishments(PUT THE POST ABOUT BEST EATING SPOTS HERE)!

6. Navy Pier

Navy Pier is generally at the top of the list for tourists coming to Chicago. This is for good reason to as its a hub of events and scenery. Navy Pier itself has tons of little local gift shops as well as food where you certainly won’t go hungry. Here you can find such items as magnets or post cards to show others where you have been. You also can find clothing items.

Navy Pier is also of course a pier! This means that it jets out into the water a bit and that water is Lake Michigan. If you decide to walk the length of the pier to the end you can see some historic statues that show of Chicago’s history. You also can peer out into the lake and depending on the season you go, you could relax out here all day. Do be careful though if you decide to go in the winter as it can get quite windy and frigid! The temperature is known to go down to 0 Fahrenheit(-15 Celsius or lower)

navy pier ferris wheel
Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

7. Wrigleyville

Wrigleyville is a must visit for any baseball fan around the world. Here you can find the iconic Wrigley Field where the MLB team, the Chicago Cubs play. The stadium was built in 1914 and is still in use today. If you want to catch a game then be sure to come between April and September as this is when the MLB season is in effect.

As for the neighborhood of Wrigleyville its full of sportsbars and restaurants and has many streets good for walking to explore what the neighborhood entails. This blog has a few other options of what to see in Wrigleyville.

wrigley field chicago

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