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4 Things You Must Do in Quito!

1. Take the Gandala up to Teleferico

My favorite thing to do whenever I am in Quito is to take a gandala up to Teleferico. The views are stunning at the summit. It shows the massive urban sprawl of Quito with the backdrop of surrounding peaks. Quito sits in a valley so viewing from this point will take your breath away. As shown in my Teleferico picture below though, it was very foggy on that particular time I was there. A random sleet storm occurred a few minutes later too! Dress appropriately at Teleferico as it’s colder up there compared to down in Quito.

For more info check out this post about Teleferico.

teleferico in quito

2. Visiting the Middle of the World(Centro del Mundo)

Centro del Mundo is considered be the center of the world! This is where the equator runs through and is shown by a line at the giant monument posted up at this place. There are some shops here where you can buy some indigenous goods or Ecuadorian gifts. The surrounding hills and big sky is stunning here as well as it is in most of Ecuador. Definitely check this place out!

3. Taking a Stroll Around the Basilica of the National Vow

Located within the city proper of Quito, this place can possibly be reached by foot depending on where you are staying. It began being built in 1892 and was finished around 1909. The architecture is simply beautiful and is great for some photo opportunities. I would say that spending just a few hours here and moving on to some other locations around Quito would be solid for part of a day plan.

basilica of the national vow

4. Gazing Over the Horizon at Pululahua Park

A bit off the beaten path, but only a few minutes drive from Centro Del Mundo is Pululahua Park. On the day that I went we were submerged in fog as this place is situated on a hill placing us in the clouds. On a clear day you can see the valleys below showing small villages and a beautiful horizon. If you happen to be stuck in the clouds then you will be sure to feel a bit of mysticism in this place.

Getting Around Quito

If you are wondering how to move about in Quito I suggest checking out this website and reading through their advice. Taxi’s, buses and trolleys are all available to get around Quito. Quito is also a walkable city for some destinations. Car rentals are also something that can be done.

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